Chopin pays his last visit to Calder House

13 October 1848

From then on it was a downhill path. After the concert in Edinburgh, he returned to Calder House, where Jane Stirling's elder sister, Katherine Erskine, who was known to be a devout Protestant, tried to convert him. His health steadily worsening, he was being driven mad by poor Jane and her sister. He complained: "My Scottish ladies won't leave me in peace and keep coming to fetch me and drive me round their family."

A church in Mid Calder just a few steps away from Calder House
A church in Mid Calder just a few steps away from Calder House

He fled to Wishaw House, the home of Lady Belhaven, and went on to stay with the Duchess of Hamilton at Hamilton Palace. He then went back to his close friends the Lyszcynskis in Warriston Crescent, Edinburgh, before returning to London on October 31st.

Calder House was a special place. Not only dod Chopin many times expres his comfort which he experienced in the castle. After his death Jane Stirling collected many artefacts related to Chopin in one of Calder House's rooms, which became to be known as "Chopin's first museum". It was also in this house that Jane Stirling passed away more than ten years after Chopin's stay in Scotland.


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